Why Unbridaled

A technology-first approach to diamond & gemstone sales

AI Powered Sales

Patented AI connects you to retailers in real-time to automate B2B sales

Global network

Expand your market reach with buyers from around the world

Automated fulfillment

Unbridaled handles the entire sales & fulfillment process


Let AI automate your sales with $0 investment

Increase sales with 0 effort

With our global network of buyers, we automate your sales for free.

AI matches you with buyers instantly

Unbridaled patented AI matches you with buyers instantly. The larger inventory and better pricing our AI will select your diamonds and gemstones so they sell quickly.

How to work with Unbridaled


Sync your inventory to Unbridaled

We can have you setup and selling in a few days.


Our preferred method and the easiest to setup


We will provide credentials to our FTP server


AI matches buyers to suppliers

Unrbidaled patented AI matches you to buyers around the globe.


Automated shipping & payment

Unbridaled does the heavy lifting–receive pre-paid labels for all sales & payment is sent every 2 weeks.

Ready to get started?

Apply to become an Unbridaled supplier and join the fastest growing marketplace. Once your application is submitted, an Unbridaled Supplier Specialist will reach out to you.

A free sales staff

We handle sales, so there’s zero risk for you.

Start your integration

Our Supplier Team will walk you through the entire process.